How to survive Friend’s Day…

If you are living in Argentina and don’t know what Dia del Amigo is, you’ve been living here with your head in a barrel. If you live abroad and have no clue, you are forgiven and you can read all about Dia del Amigo (20th July) here. As one of the biggest days on the Argentine calendar, here are a few tips for how to come out on 21st July alive:

–       Get a bunch of phone credit and send texts early.
If you don’t send a text message to every acquaintence you have ever met, you will be shunned next year. So stock up on plenty of phone credit and send your text messages first thing in the morning as by midday the networks have normally all melted down.

–       Book your table now.
The biggest rookie faux pas. Bars and restaurants are booked up for weeks in advance before the big day, so if you are the one in charge of booking the table do not forget to do it ASAP. Turning up casually on the door is not a possibility. Friends don’t feel so friendly when you are stuck with a hotdog and cup of cola as the only option.

–       Get some cardio in.
Be prepared to be running from friendship meeting to friendship meeting all week. This is not a one slot shot, it is a week long marathon. Get in training comrade!

–       Ixnay on the boyfriend.
This is friend’s day. And any ‘friend’ you see with less than their underwear on is not allowed on your peripheries during 20th July. Don’t be tempted to invite him or her along, unlike most nights in Mendoza, lovers are definitely off the menu. It is very bad form if you do.

–       Deadly Virus.
If you really can’t handle the pressure, the only way out of this overly-happy holiday is by contracting a seriously infectious or deadly disease. ‘I’m tired’ will not wash, nor will ‘lots of work’ or ‘previous engagements’. Any excuse will look like a direct snub to your friendship, so if you really want out on 20th July, start practising your doctor’s notes and drawing scabs and rashes on your skin now.



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