Cherry picking Mendoza’s hotels

As a bonafide (if unofficial) resident of Mendoza for four years, I get a lot of emails asking about where to stay. Here are my top picks of accommodation in and out of the centre of Mendoza:


In the city:

Being in the city centre is the best place if you are relying on public transport – it’s the hub of Mendoza and its wine regions. You’ll find all the bars, some of the top restaurants, the amenities and the massive park at your disposal and the easiest way out to the wineries (without your own car) is coming from the city centre (whether by bus, bike, tour or taxi). For staying in the city centre, I really recommend staying the West side of Plaza Independencia, the East side is not so pretty and is much busier, dirtier and noisier.

Budget picks:
I don’t really know the hostels in Mendoza, I could only tell you which have the notorious party scenes which is probably not the best recommendation… So check out ratings on hostelworld etc for the most recent opinions. My advice is stay west for the nicer areas, and if you want to be on the party scene pick one on Aristides Villanueva Street.

B&B Plaza Italia: If you want to stay in the city city centre, this B&B is on my favourite plaza. A bit more relaxed then the main Plaza Independencia, but still surrounded by the better restaurants and it’s in the nicer, safer end of town. A simple B&B/small hotel which has neat rooms and is around $800pesos per night. Don’t miss out on Florentino restaurant next door. Plaza Italia B&B, Plaza Italia.

Bohemia Boutique: In the 5ta seccion, in a quieter residential neighbourhood four blocks from the city centre and four blocks from the park and four blocks from the nightlife street (Aristides), this is a more tranquilo location for those who are happy to live more where locals do, with nice rooms, a small pool in a patio/garden and is around $100US/$600pesos per night. Granaderos 954   +54 261 423-0575

Top Dollar:

The Hyatt: Right on the main plaza, this is still the hotel of Mendoza. Attractive, nice (but small) spa and a small pool open all year round they have two good restaurants, a nice wine bar and good service compared to other hotels in the city. Park Hyatt, Chile 1124 , +54 261 441-1234

The Diplomatic: Another good hotel, although a bit more corporate. Good location (not as pretty though) but at the right end of town with good restaurants and bars nearby, and a terrace pool that gets afternoon sun. They also serve bubbly at breakfast (the only hotel left in Mendoza that does). Diplomatic,  Av Belgrano 1041  +54 261 405-1900


Chacras & Lujan:

About 30mins by taxi from the city, one hour by bus, you can stay in Chacras or Lujan. You are closer to vineyards, but further from city centre facilities. Chacras has a picturesque town with lots of restaurants, some shops and pharmacies etc. If you want to feel a bit more in the countryside without actually being in the sticks, then this is your place. You could survive here without a car, although taxis will add up. Visiting places within walking distance or bike will only keep you entertained for a day or two. Alternatively you can just sit by the pool and enjoy the Mendoza sun.

Budget: Forget it, you’re in Chacras – nothing is budget…

Mid-range: Check out Trip Advisor.

Top Dollar: That’s more like it…

Lares de Chacras: One of the more affordable top dollar options, this small hotel is handsome, relaxing and nicely done. Lares de Chacras, Larrea 1266 , +54 261 496-1061

Finca Adalgisa: One of the first luxury options in Chacras, this has the charm of a big house. The owner has good taste and there’s a boutique winery on-site where they offer wine tasting, a small restaurant and cooking classes. Finca Adalgisa, Pueyrredón, +54 261 496-0713

Entre Cielos: A modern Swiss investment into a hammam/spa, vineyards, restaurant and luxe hotel. They focus on premium and their rooms have the cool factor. On a busy transit road with nothing much there, but right next door to a pretty winery and you probably won’t want to wander much further than from the pool side. Entre Cielos, Guardia Vieja 1998, Vistalba, +54 261 498-3377

Cavas Wine Lodge: This wine lodge has ruled the roost as the most luxurious wine lodge for a while now, and it probably still is and is certainly still the most expensive. Private villas have rooftop jacuzzis overlooking the mountains and you are right next to about 10 decent wineries. While you would want your own transport (or driver) due to the location, if you are paying this much you probably shouldn’t leave the gorgeous rooms and spa either. Cavas Wine Lodge, Costaflores s/n, Alto Agrelo, +54 261 410 6927



I wouldn’t generally recommend staying in Maipu. It’s the less exciting wine region and you certainly need your own car. But if you insist, then try Club Tapiz or Verde Oliva.


Uco Valley:

When you really want to stay out in the peaceful wine valleys of Mendoza (and far away from everyone else), Uco Valley is it. Gorgeous surroundings, some excellent wineries nearby, and private transport essential. Most places you can stay in Uco are mid-range/luxury. There are lots of new Uco projects opening all the time, so keep your eye on updates to this list.

Casa Antucura: With a gorgeous library, handsome furnishings and a long lawn with garden games and a pool, Casa Antucura is a good looking place. Casa Antucura, Barandica, Vista Flores.

Estancia San Pablo: If you really want to experience being in the mountains, this beautiful estancia is pure escapist luxury. Rustic, authentic and family-run, it is tucked away in the distant Andean hillsides and is the ideal spot to ride horses, go fishing and get back to the simple (but oh so terribly comfortable) life. Estancia San Pablo, Tupungato (ish).

Salentein: One of the most architecturally impressive wineries, part of the Salentein complex is a posada with 16 rooms. Rumour has it that service can be lacking but the hotel has a pool, good restaurant and one of the best looking wineries in walking distance. Salentein, Tunuyan.

Finca Ogawa: More of a B&B/country homestay, you can get 10% the room price (between $100-300US) if you get your hands dirty and help them in the garden. Finca Ogawa, Tunuyan

Postales de Uco: This is a rustic countryside hotel, but it’s lovely. Don’t expect luxury, but do expect peace and quiet with quaint countryside surroundings. Postales de Uco, Tabanera s/n, Colonia Las Rosas, Tunuyan.


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