Chimichurri: A gaucho essential

While a gaucho cookout rarely involves much more than lashings of red meat, plenty of salt, a couple rolls of bread and a bottle of Malbec, or a hip flask of something stronger, the one vegetable-like condiment to usually grace the table is a proper chimichurri sauce.

Made of chopped garlic and herbs, this tasty little addition goes well drizzled on top of a good steak, in a bun with sausages, on grilled cheese or just about any BBQ foods. Try it at home, and keep it in the fridge for asado leftovers the next day!                                                                                                                               Written for Casa de Uco

chimichurri INGREDIENTS:

–       a bunch of fresh parsley (washed)

–       4 cloves of garlic

–       a small bunch of fresh oregano (or another herb of your choice)

–       two shallots, or a small onion

–       a teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of black pepper

–       a good pinch of chili pepper flakes, adjust according to how hot you like it

–       just under a cup of good extra virgin olive oil

–       half a squeezed lemon

–       3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar


–       Chop everything that needs to be chopped, and finely mince the garlic and onion

–       Mix all the dry ingredients well in a bowl

–       Add the oil, vinegar and lemon and mix well

–       Taste, and adjust to your own personal gaucho style

–       Leave it on the table with a spoon to drizzle onto roast meats or anything that comes your way!


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