Decanter report harvest north america amanda barnes

North America 2016 Harvest, Decanter October 2016

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North America’s 2016 vintage saw advanced harvests across the board, with some of the earliest picking dates on record. Despite the early start many regions experienced cooler ripening periods, and drought was less of a defining characteristic than last year.


A warm spring jump-started the Californian season up to a month early, similar to 2015. June was hotter than normal and July looked to follow suit until temperatures peaked mid month, cooling off into August. The temperature drop was especially felt in Napa and Sonoma where locals coin the month ‘Fogust’ due to heavy marine fog.

‘This was my 40th harvest as a Napa winemaker and I can honestly say, one of the easiest with a very steady relaxed pace,’ says winemaker Robert Foley….
Read the full report (including reports on Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Ontario, New York & Mexico) online at Decanter.

You can also read my 80 Harvests vintage reports with winemaker interviews from around North America at

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